Success Is Not just Measured by a Scale

All too often we can get caught up on a number. Usually this number resides on the face of a scale in terms of weight. Don’t get me wrong this number is important and it should be for a multitude of health reasons. But please try to understand it does not mean everything. Especially in terms of your time and success in the gym. Let me elaborate by what I mean.

Yes, losing weight is a crucial aspect of why many of us workout. But it is also not the only benefit of training. Working out helps us build muscle and strength, works on our mobility, and can help prevent injuries. It also can help improve our mental health as well. Losing weight is just a byproduct of training as it helps us burn more calories. True weight loss happens in nutrition. As you might have heard the expression, “abs are made in the kitchen.”

I know a lot of you are participating in the Milestone Club and completed the 21 Day Nutrition Challenge and that’s awesome! Those are great accomplishments but understand, losing weight takes time and consistency. It does not happen overnight, or in a week, sometimes it may take months to see significant results. So if you do not meet your goal by your next weigh in please don’t stress out about it, as that does nothing for you. 

Your weight fluctuates daily. I can weigh myself one morning and be 145lb, then weigh myself later that same day and be 150lb and that is normal. As we are consuming food and fluids throughout the day that impacts our weight. So I beg you not to stress about the scale as it is just a number at the end of the day. Try to celebrate your success by how you may be feeling now, compared to how you started. How much stronger you might have become since training. Or how certain clothes fit you better now or may even be too big. Point is, don’t let the scale take away from the hard work you put in the gym. Every time you step through those doors you are striving to be better than you were yesterday, and that's what really matters.

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