New Year New Mindset

Forget "New Year, New Me" instead let's aim for "New Year, New Mindset" 

The holidays are crazy with one celebration to another. It is easy to get lost in the season and fall out of your routine. Starting January 16th we are rolling out our New Year, New Mindset Challenge. This is a 4-week challenge focused on mini-goals centered around movement, mindset, and nutrition. These daily goals are manageable and sustainable and are proven to help you feel better, feel leaner and feel like a champion. It feels good to hit targets and small daily wins lead to BIG results. It is not a deprivation diet or a high-speed training program designed to run you into the ground.  Each week has a different focus on nutrition and a different focus on movement, which includes, full body, mobility, and mindset! 

I'm guessing you have done a deep dive diet once or twice before...those don't work. Let's focus on the whole picture at a speed just right for everyone. We will use a private Facebook group and an app called TrueCoach to deliver daily goals, motivation, and intense coaching. 

Here's what you get:

  • Daily accountability notification through our TrueCoach app to tell you your movement challenge for the day and the nutrition focus for the week. You will get a daily notification with the nutrition focus even though it will stay the same the entire week. We will add habits each week.
  • Swap ins and swap outs. There are foods that we eat around the holidays that are not productive for fat loss. We will take those out week by week and replace with nutritious and delicious options. 
  • You will get a list of foods to nourish with and foods to avoid for best results.
  • Daily coaching through Facebook AND TrueCoach for those of you who are not on social media. We will use technology to communicate with you. You can use the app to upload before and after pictures, track goals and communicate directly with us.
  • Styku bodyfat scan
  • Community! You will be able to communicate and share ideas with other challengers!
  • Meal plans weekly on Wednesdays. These will be created with the challenge guidelines in mind
  • New habits that CAN stick! No depriving, no calorie counting, just real, sustainable habits that lead to lasting change.
  • All of THAT for $57!

Dates to remember:

  • Sign-ups are open now and they close on Thursday, January 12th
  • Weigh-in and/or Styku Scan due by Friday, January 13th
  • The end of the challenge is Friday, February 10th
  • Final weigh-in and/or Styku Scan is due by Tuesday, February 14th
  • Winners to be announced Wednesday, February 15th

We will have two winners! The person with the greatest body fat percentage loss AND the person with the great body weight percentage lost will win a choice of:

  • One free session of CoolSculpting ($250 value)
  • One free session of Cellulite Cavitation ($200 value)
  • One free session of Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation ($200 value)
  • One session with Dr. Ross Childs from Fit For Life Physical Therapy ($165 value)
  • One free month of training ($147-$177 value)

Ready for some accountability and a support group to help kickstart your year?

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