Learning Is Not Failing.

If you haven't noticed we have been learning some new, and difficult, movements and exercises. A lot of these exercises some of you may have never done or seen before which means it's a completely new learning process. 

This is my reminder to all of you that learning something new and not being an expert at it right away is ok. You are not a bad person and the world will not explode....I promise! 

We spend a lot of time in our adult lives working in a profession we are good at. You took the time to work, study, practice, and be really good at what you do. Now I am sure that when you first started on your path you may not have been an expert right away, but you took the time and did what you needed to become one! I am sure there were struggles, difficult times, and a lot of great moments when you succeeded in that learning!

Think about all those times, ups and downs, when you are learning new exercises or movements and might be frustrated that you haven't masted it the second time doing it. You are all so smart and capable of handling anything we throw your way! Just take the time and remember practice will make perfect! 

Keep making it happen!

-Coach Brian

Say It Louder!

Raise your hand if you are guilty of that nasty saying , “I will start tomorrow”

I am standing on the table raising my hand…guilty, guity, guilty.

If you are looking for the perfect time to make a change In your life there is no better time than the present. Thinking about making a change unfortunately does not elicit a change in your body or your health. You have to take action. You have to follow through with what you say you are going to do.

And you know what?

It is OKAY if you cannot make that happen on your own. You are among a community of incredible people who have your back. Coaches and students alike. We are all in this together. Here to hold each other accountable and start TODAY.

If there is a change you need to make to continue your journey forward I urge you to say it out loud because then it becomes real!

Let us help you!

Coach Meagan

Get Fit NH is CLOSED for early morning training, back at it for 11AM training and all PM training

It is an awfully blizzardy day here in New Hampshire. We are hoping Mother Nature saves the rest of these storms for Wednesday's and weekends. Snow is one thing, ice makes us nervous. This morning we are delaying our open for adequate time to treat the parking lot and for the city to treat the roads. This decision is not an easy one and is for your safety and ours. We sincerely appreciate your understanding. We will be open for  the 11 AM training session and all afternoon and evening sessions. You are welcome to jump in on one of those sessions if that works in your schedule. Snow days do not take away from perfect attendance! 

Stuck Inside? - Do This!

1) Spend some time on a foam roller, doing your correctives, and flexibility training. You have enough knowledge to make this time productive.

2) Do any additional nutrition planning and prep work for the week.

3) Jump on one of the training videos below. There are options for bodyweight only as well as band training.

4) Don't stress out! 

Training Options Here! If you don't know what you are doing - don't do it.  

No Band, no problem try this training - click here

Have a band at home? Try this "vacation training." Just pretend you are somewhere tropical -   click here

Holiday Party 2018 Is Approaching

It is hard to believe 2018 is quickly coming to an end! What an incredible year it has been. Let's get together and celebrate. On Saturday, December 8th at 10AM we will gather at the gym for brunch and reindeer games!

Don't worry, we won't sweat so come in your "people" clothes! Red Blazer will do the cooking for us so we can just focus on having fun! 

Here is what you can expect:

  • Delicious food
  • Laughs
  • Student superlatives
  • More laughing
  • Raffle Prizes
  • Optional Yankee Swap
  • Excited faces
  • Coffee
  • Mimosas

We totally understand that this is a busy time of year, but if you can join us please R.S.V.P using the link below! 

Tell us you are coming

We appreciate you,

The Get Fit NH Team

Tips To Mastering The Turkish Get Up

We have been working on patterning the full Turkish Get Up and it has been so awesome to see everyone doing so well and building skills! 

As you have seen the Turkish Get Up is a pretty complicated skills with a lot of moving parts. It takes a lot of focus and patience to become proficient in this movement. On our instagram, (@GetFitNH), I took some time to talk about some common things we see to help build this skill better!

#1: ​​​​Proper Hip Placement

In the picture below you see a very common thing we see when people are placing their hand down to the ground when working their way down from the top of the Turkish Get Up. People tend to sit the hips back to get the hand down to the ground, which limits mobility and space when trying to pull the foot through. Make sure to keep the hip over the knee by walking the hand down the thigh to make sure you stay in the right position.

#2: Roll Don't Crunch

This one tip can be a BIG game changer for people working on the Turkish Get Up. Get the first movement of the TGU down can be the most challenging. The first video below shows what it looks like when you try to crunch or sit up from the starting position. Trying to do this is very difficult because the body is trying to move against its natural mechanics and gravity. 

The second video shows what happens when instead of sitting up you roll over to the elbow. The body will follow the natural angles you make. Drive the shin towards the hand on the plant foot and try rolling your body up to the elbow and watch that movement become a lot more smooth!

#3: Joint Stacking

When working together your joints are very STRONG! We can make them work together by joint stacking. What that means is aligning multiple joints on top of each other to build a strong support beam. 

In the first picture the hand is placed to far away from the body which is not allowing the joints to stack and be strong. When you do not joint stack all the weight and pressure will go to where every the bend point is and stress that single joint. Think if you have a support beam and hit it in the middle with a sledge hammer, now that bent in point is taking most of the stress. The same will happen with your joints if they are not properly stacked!

Hopefully these tips can help you master the Turkish Get Up!

Keep Making It Happen!

-Coach Brian

Stronger Than You Think!

You Are All Stronger Than You Think!

I have had the pleasure of being a coach at Get Fit NH for almost a year now and there is one thing I have really noticed….


The work ethic and passion I see on a daily basis is amazing and trust me when I say you motivate the coaches more than you know. We have been working on building strength up for a longer amount of time and it has been amazing to coach.

Now I want to issue a challenge. Next time you are in the workout I want you to challenge yourself by grabbing a little more weight, pushing for one extra rep, pulling a little harder on the SkiErg. Sometimes we can get complacent or doubt our abilities when training and I want to help push everyone to accomplish more than they think they can. A bunch of you have already been pushing and the coaches and I are making our way to everyone else so be ready to Make It Happen!

-Coach Brian

Thanksgiving Schedule

Can you believe it is already November? I can’t believe it. The brisk weather is here and snow is not too far behind, BUT hopefully before the snow comes we can enjoy Thanksgiving. I don’t know about you, but I could do without the 2014 Thanksgiving blizzard!

Thanksgiving week is going to be a little bit different. Family time for you and us is important stuff so make sure you jot down the whacky schedule so you don’t miss out on the bonus training (and so you don’t show up when we’re not here!)

Monday November 19th- Regular Training Schedule

Tuesday November 2oth- Regular Training schedule

WEDNESDAY November 21st- Regular Training Schedule 

Thursday November 22nd- No Training

Friday November 23rd- No training

Saturday November 24th World Famous Pie's Off Thighs ALL family training at 8AM

We hope you enjoy this holiday season with your family. Thank you for choosing to train with us!
Get Fit NH Coaches

Attention: SkiErg World Sprints Are Here!

Attention all! Help us out!

Ski Erg world sprints next week! 

One of the most consistent traditions at Get Fit NH has been the yearly Ski Erg world sprints.  Every year at the beginning of November we ski erg 1000 meters as fast as we can!  Those times get matched up to people around the globe who participate also. 

We are asking you to participate and show the world just how hard Get Fit NH clients train!  We have had clients that have placed in the top 5 in the world multiple times, even several times have won their age group! 

All we need from you is between 3 and 7 minutes of your time, your name, birthdate, and where you’re from!

1000 meter sprints can be done any time between the 8th and the 11th of November and we will be opening up times on Saturday morning from 7-8:30 am and will open times as necessary that morning if its needed outside that window. 

Help us as coaches show off that we have the best and most hardworking clients anywhere! 

See your coaches for any additional information.

-Coach Adam