Cr8 Fitness is Offering Crockpot Workshop- Secure your spot!

Dean and Nancy Carlson, owners of CR8 Fitness (previous owners of Get Fit NH) have graciously invited you to their Crockpot workshop. This workshop has been a hit for years. I will share with you the blog they share and if you are in you will want to sign up quick! Spaces are limited and they ALWAYS fill up!

From The Carlson's

"My favorite meals are those that are easy to fix, don't have me in the kitchen for hours at a time, and taste fantastic. One of my favorite tools to help make that happen is the crockpot. What's better than one meal that is easy to fix, fast to put together, and that the whole family loves? Five Crockpot meals! 

About three years ago, I found a process for Crockpot Freezer Meals. It was one of those moments when I thought: "I wish I would have thought of that, It's brilliant!".

Imagine this you trek to the grocery store, spend an hour or more shopping for the week and then come home and prepare all your dinner meals within the next hour. How cool would that be? When you're ready to leave the house each morning, you place one meal in the crockpot and when you arrive back home- Voila, dinner is done. Repeat that for a total of five days. (You'll probably have leftovers for lunch too. Win/Win) That is a picture of how it will feel after you participate in the Crockpot Workshop. And yet there is one small difference. You can take out the grocery shopping because I already will do that for you.

At the crockpot workshop you'll walk away after an hour with five meals ready to place in the freezer until you are ready to cook them in your crockpot (or Instant Pot). It might not actually take you an hour to put these meals together. It goes that fast

Here's what you get at this workshop

  • Every Ingredient is provided to make 5 meals that feeds 4-6 people
  • I do all the shopping for you
  • I set up and clean up for you
  • You walk out with 5 meals ready to cook in your crockpot (or instant pot). 
  • These meals can also be thrown in the freezer until you need them.
  • Use these meals when you want or need them most.
  • I often give one or more of these meals away to someone who is sick, had a baby, going through a rough time etc. Then they have an option when they need it most. 

What you don't get:

  • Long lines at the grocery store
  • Figuring out which recipes are Coach Nancy approved
  • Forgetting an ingredient at the store so you have to make a second trip
  • Being alone as you prepare your meals. Friends make this workshop even more fun.
  • A messy kitchen. These meals go from Ziploc bag to Crockpot. BAM you're done.

The Crockpot Freezer Meal workshop is:

Wednesday, January 30th.


At Cr8 Fitness in Epsom

The cost for this workshop is only $105. That is $21 for a meal that feeds 4-6 (most likely with leftovers).

If you're curious if your family will like the meals we prepare, here's the five meals we'll fix in less than an hour.

  • Cashew Chicken
  • Balsamic Chicken
  • Thai-ish Chicken Wings
  • Italian Chicken
  • Beef Stew

  • Sign up here!

    FMS Rescreen

    When I returned to Get Fit NH after being away for three years, I knew the training was going to
    be challenging. First, I would be battling with the pain of Fibromyalgia. Secondly, for various
    reasons, I did not maintain my training in those three years. I knew I needed to train smart, so I
    asked Adam to take me through the Functional Movement Screen just like we do with all our
    clients. To say that I was frustrated is putting it lightly! Due to the Fibromyalgia and inactivity I
    had lost a significant amount of strength and mobility. During that very humbling 10 minutes
    Adam accurately assessed that I needed a:

    White band for my shoulder mobility
    Green band for my tight hips (Hurdle Step)
    Red band for my Trunk Stability Push up
    Orange band for Rotary Stability.

    Three years ago, I had only a white band and now I have three more! During those 10 minutes,
    I voiced my frustration to Adam multiple times and he graciously listened and encouraged me.
    At that point I had a choice; I could either stay mad, or focus on moving forward and getting
    better. This opened my eyes to the frustrations of so many clients who struggle with the same
    movement patterns. Three years ago, I had no problem with push-ups but now I am currently
    unable to push my body off the floor. I refuse to let that get me down. I am determined to test
    out of my bands. Recently, I have seen some of you screen out of your bands as a result of all
    your hard work. I am so proud of you! For those of you that still have some bands, we are in
    this together! We will work hard, train smart and screen out of those bands!

    It’s a Terrible Thing…

    “It’s a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you’re ready. I have this feeling now that actually no one is ever ready to do anything. There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only now, and you may as well do it now. Generally speaking, now is as good a time as any.” –Hugh Laurie

    This quote is one some of you may recognize. I saw it in a few different places on Facebook, and it definitely caught my eye. I have talked about this before, but it is something I truly believe is important to keep in mind as well as something I have struggled with:

    There is no perfect time. 

    Life will always throw you a curveball when you least expect it. The question is whether you are going to hit it out of the park, or strike out swinging.

    There is no perfect time to start eating healthy. There is no perfect time to chase a dream. There is no perfect time to step up. There can be no “Well, I’ll start eating healthy at the end of the weekend” or “Well, I’ll get a membership to that gym next week”. Anything worth doing in life is often hard. It means that it will always come with its own set of challenges that will present themselves no matter how perfect the timing is.

    If you are looking to get in shape, to lose the weight, to be successful, the time to begin working on that is not next week. Its now, today, 5 minutes ago, as soon as you finish reading this blog. If you were thinking donuts and pancakes for breakfast, change that right now. Don’t have it because you were thinking about it and say Well, I’ll cook a healthy breakfast tomorrow”. Cook that healthy breakfast NOW!!!

    When it all comes down to it, don’t wait. There will never be a perfect time. Think about it - where do most of those dreams end up? Those ideas, those when I get to a point where I’m making more money I’m going to __________”. Those things people wanted to try but never did. The changes they wanted to make but never did because they were waiting for the perfect time. All those people, all those ideas, all those dreams, and where did a majority of them end up? Most likely they ended up with them…..6 feet under.

    So don’t delay. Don’t wait. You have a dream, you have an idea, you have a lifestyle you want to live, then live it. Don’t wait until tomorrow or you may get to a point where you waited too long and tomorrow never comes. All of you deserve to be as happy and as fulfilled as humanly possible. It may sound morbid, it may sound tough, but I care about you all and I don’t want any of you to have any regrets. 

    Make it Happen!
    -Coach Adam

    3 Reasons Fridays Are Important

    1.) Mentality:​​

    ​​Probably the most important part of why training is important is the mentality or the mental strength that is required to do so.  Also on the flip side what you are reinforcing to yourself if you skip it. I'm not talking about skipping one Friday if something comes up and you just can't make it, I am talking about Fridays upon Fridays of skipping.  It teaches, even if it's just subconsciously, that its ok to not finish what you start. That after three days it “ok close enough”, that is a dangerous sentiment to have, it’s the same as taking the opportunity to do 21 days of clean eating and on day 20 saying “well I made it 20 how big of a difference is 1 day going to make”.  Nutritionally and training wise maybe not much, at first, however it’s a slippery slope at first its one week. Then the next week you think “I skipped Friday and felt fine, don’t really feel like going this week either” then the trend continues. Missing one class might not have a huge impact on training but if that trend continues that’s 4 classes a month and 48 classes a year.   Don’t give yourself an excuse to not finish what you started, it starts with one thing, but we are all humans, if we give ourselves and inch we will take a mile. It may start with training, but before you know it it’s bleeding over into nutrition and general life responsibilities. 

    2.) Training:

    The programming at Get Fit NH is designed to affect your system in different ways to elicit and overall training response.  Many of you already know this but training is written as 2 days of Metabolic work (most closely resembling cardiovascular training) and 2 days of strength work.  That means that the training is written to work as a whole balanced program over a weeks span, so missing a Friday leads to an unbalanced week of training. For the best training effect we have to take advantage of all of it.  Can you really tell me that missing 48 trainings in a year won't affect you?

    3.) A general sense of accomplishment:

    Its no secret that Fridays trainings are challenging, and on Friday you are tired, stressed, and ready to end your week as soon as possible.  The sense of accomplishment you will feel after making sure you gave it your absolute all and saw the week through to the end will be great. 

    Fridays are important too, don’t give yourself and excuse, it probably will not stop there!

    -Coach Adam

    Breaking Up With Your Past

    Are you letting your past dictate your future?  

    When we have faced challenges in our lives it is easy to let them influence how we think about the present and future.  When I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2017 I was devastated because I was in so much pain I could hardly do daily activities or workout like I was used to.  It not only affected me physically but mentally and emotionally as well.  

    When I came back to Get Fit NH I was thrilled to be a part of an awesome family again but I was worried about my body handling the training.  I am not in the same shape I was 3 years ago when I left Get Fit NH.  I will admit there have been times I have really beat myself up for that.  I remember during one trainings that was particularly difficult for me thinking how mad I was about what has happened to me over the past 2 years.  Then I realized that being mad about it is not productive and will not help me achieve my goals.  I have to make modifications to exercises that 3 years ago I could have easily done.  I am learning to accept that because if I train smart consistently I will achieve my goals.  I need to persistently make the choice daily, sometimes even hourly or even in a moment, to not let my fibromyalgia dictate my future. 

    What challenges have you faced?  Injuries/illness, unhealthy eating habits, or making time for training?  Whatever your challenges have been know that it is never too late to make changes.  While we can learn from our past it does not have to control our future.  You have the choice to make changes and achieve your goals.  One of great parts about being a part of the Get Fit NH family is that you have a support system to help you move forward in a positive direction.  

    Tell us your challenges.  Tell us your goals.  Together we will Make It Happen!

    -Coach Erin

    THE Challenge of 2019 – You in it to win it?

    This morning I woke up and it was 2019. It always amazes me how fast a year flies by. Before we know it 2020 will be creeping up on us. Where do you want to be THIS time next year? Resolutions have never sat well with me. I have always felt like they give you an out and a reassurance that it is ok to give up. I am a firm believer in promises. Make a promise to yourself or to someone else then we are more likely to follow through with that. No one likes to break a promise. 

    What kind of promise do you want to make to yourself in 2019 in relation to your health and fitness? It doesn't need to be extreme, but it is healthy to strive for something. Could be being more consistent in your training. Could be laying off the alcohol or drinking more water. How about less screen time and earlier sleep time? 

    We are working on ways to help you be more accountable - be on the look out for our new accountability group! It is coming your way toward the end of January. In the meantime we want to kickoff a challenge effective THURSDAY. And all you have to do is SHOW UP! 

    Here's how it works...

    We already keep attendance, so in 2019 we are shooting for 85% attendance from each of you. Let me break that down for you

    For a 4 day client that means you make it to training 150 times in 2019. There are 176 opportunities which means you have 26 opportunities to miss. That is roughly 2 missed trainings per month. Totally doable.

    For a 3 day client that means you make it training 110 times in 2019. There are 132 opportunities which means you have 22 opportunities to miss. 

    For a 2 day client that means you make it to training 75 times in 2019. There are 88 opportunities which means you have 13 opportunities to miss.

    We will give you feedback monthly to let you know where you stand, BUT you must let us know you are IN! So please sign up HERE!

    And of course to answer the big question, "Well, what's in it for me if I make it happen?"

    The answer to that is a custom designed T-Shirt or Tank Top with ultimate bragging rights marked all over and giant celebratory remarks stamped on it. We will DECK YOU OUT.

    WE are determined to make 2019 the best year yet and we know we can't do that without YOU! Give us your all for 2019- we need you!

    Let's Make it Happen, Team

    The Get Fit NH Coaching Team 

    End of Year Review

    2018 is coming to a close and we are headed into a new year. A new year with new goals and new opportunities. Before I get into the goals of 2019, I want to celebrate the wins of 2018. 

    2018 was a huge year for Get Fit NH. We had a successful ownership transition where I was given the opportunity to run the best gym in NH with the best staff ever and the best clients ever. What a huge responsibility! I am honored to take on the challenge. Thank you for your trust in me and the team. 

    In 2018 we welcomed 140 new clients to our family. Think of all of the lives we have touched as a community! The power of health and strength spreads beyond these training walls, never forget that. Share the good word and encourage those around you. You are more of an inspiration than you give yourself credit for. 

    In 2019, we are shooting to fill each class (don't worry, we cap at 30 so you continue to provide fabulous, individualized coaching!) Our goal is to provide additional services such as kettlebell workshops, flexibility/mobility workshops and accountability groups. Finally, you can count on consistent fundraiser trainings where we pick a different local organization to support. 

    Thank you for coming along for the ride. This is more than a gym to us and our hope is that this is more than just a place to train. 

    Happy New Year, team!

    Coach Meagan

    Having Fun With Front Planks


    Front planks. Such a simple exercise, right? Such a simple exercise with a whole lot of coaching points! Let’s dig a little deeper in the picture..

    Saggy hips:

    • Extra, unnecessary pressure on low back! If we put a dowel rod on your back it should be able to balance beautifully on your head, back and glutes. So keep your hips up and belly button tucked toward your spine

    Back curved

    • If front planks hurt your back, this could definitely be why! We use the cue tuck your belly button to your rib cage or to your spine and when you do this it tilts your hips so they create straight back. The fancy term is to do a posterior pelvic tilt…I think we will stick to the English cues, what do you think 😉

    Shoulders too far forward

    • If your shoulders are seriously aching in a front plank, this could be why! If they are too far forward you are supporting a lot of weight on your joints. Stacking your shoulders right over your elbows creates a sturdy base to support your weight.

    Hips too high

    • In the picture, check out where my shoulders are. When your shoulders are too far back it leaves you no choice but to have your hips up high. So again, make your shoulders are stacked up over your elbows and keep your belly button tucked

    We’ve got your back (literally)

    Coach Meagan