Transform in 4 is HERE!

We are excited to team up with Dean and Nancy Carlson again over at Cr8 Health & Fitness for our FINAL nutrition challenge of 2019! That is crazy talk! 

I am going to attach the link to the FULL blog written by the Carlson's to explain the excitement, but first let me tell you this...

I have looked through these recipes and they look delicious! The meal plans, grocery lists and recipes are done for you so take the guess work out. The Facebook group support is there for you. Your coaches are there for you and this time there are prizes for winners so let's do this thing! 

Click here for full blog with the sign up link!

Get Fit NH Teams up with Intuitive Touch Massage

I had the absolute PLEASURE of meeting Stephanie Jefferson, owner of Intuitive Touch, a couple of weeks ago. We talked about referring to each other to keep our community a happy and healthy place.

I was SO hoping that she would be able to convince one of her massage therapists to come on site once a week to do massage, but they are pretty comfortable up there on Chennel Drive. She did agree to give Get Fit NH active clients a $10 discount on any service, which is a fabulous perk.

 So, if you are in need of a massage (who isn't) then give them a ring and get your massage booked or check out their online booker here. She has a list of all active clients so you just let them know we sent you and you save - score! 

Ski, Skate, And Shred Class Coming Soon

Ski, Skate, and Shred Seminar

Winter is right around the corner; while this may not be the best way to start this announcement off…it is indeed the case!  With that comes all the activities that can make winters in New England awesome! That’s why Coach Adam and Get Fit NH will be offering a 6 week Ski, Skate, and Shred class!  This class will be aimed at helping to create balance, and other forms of dynamic strength and stability that are aimed specifically towards winter sports.  

The smaller class size will enable use to implore different techniques, exercises, and patterns than in a large group setting.  These will be aimed at making you as prepared as possible for winter activities. Some of the things we will be working on will aim to:

  • Create more balance on your skis.

  • More control and body differentiation.

  • Single leg stability and strength.

  • Active mobility increases in order to remain strong in these positions

  • Increases in lateral power

  • Core strength and control

  • Learning how to absorb and control larger forces

    • ^ An absolute MUST for anyone who skis or boards on anything that is not totally flat terrain, especially those of you who like woods or glade skiing. 

I have skied and skated for most of my life and that along with the principles that will be implored in this class will help you to have your strongest season yet.  While also helping drastically decrease your risk of injury when you do get outside in the coming months. 

Here are the details:

  • Where: Get Fit NH

  • When: Saturday mornings from 8-9am

  • How long: 6 weeks beginning Saturday November 9th

    • With the exception of the weekend after Thanksgiving

      • No Class will be held 11/30/19, the final 3 weeks will resume the following Saturday morning (12/7/19). 

  • Who can join: Anyone, Get Fit NH clients and non-clients are both welcome to join us!

  • Cost: $139 for the entire 6 week class.

    • (Alternate arrangements can be made if you know ahead of time you will be away for multiple classes)

To Sign Up Click HERE!

Charity Training Azimuth Check Foundation

Azimuth Check Foundation helps heroes find their way by providing injured veterans and first responders challenging year-round athletic activities that creates wellness in an atmosphere of camaraderie.

This organization is near and dear to my heart. On Wednesday, October 23, 2019 at 5:30pm we will host a charity training right here at Get Fit NH. We are hoping the weather is kind enough to allow us to play outside as this will be training will simulate a Marine Corps "Combat Fitness Test"

But don't freak out! This training can easily be modified to accommodate your fitness level. As you know we are pro's at personalizing training to YOU and this training will be no different, I promise! 

We are welcoming Get Fit NH, their guests and the general public to come out and raise money for a fabulous organization. You can read more about their mission here.  The cost for this event is $10 and 100% of donations will go to Azimuth Check Foundation.

Let us know you are coming by responding to our Facebook event here

Coach Meagan 

Practice Mentality

I am sure by now everyone knows I am a big fan of kettlebells. I have been working with them for many years now and still have a lot to learn with them, which to me is very fun! The first thing I noticed learning to use kettlebells was every teacher I have had always called it kettlebell PRACTICE. It was said a lot over and over again and eventually I had to ask why this is the term used, and this is what I was told:

“Even a kettlebell master needs to practice too keep his skills sharp. Kettlebells practice is a forever skill not set by a timeline.”

This sentence really hit home with me and opened up my mind. To build good kettlebell skills I need to practice, and that practice will always be needed. I took that mentallity to all of my time in the gym, it was in my head when learning a new skill or movement that it was practice. It helped me stay positive when I couldn’t grasp a new movement right away that it is ok because I am just practicing and eventually my practice will build a great skill!

So if you feel down about a new skill or movement just remember we are just practicing and practice takes time!

-Coach Brian

Embrace The Medium Days

First thing I want you to do is to think about all of your best and worst days in training, I am sure you can vividly remember both of them! I am sure there are days where you lifted more weight than you ever thought you could and felt on top of the world, and there were probably days where everything felt terrible. These type of days happen here and there but what is usually forgotten is all the days inbetween. I like to call those days the medium days. 

Medium days are those days where things may not have been fantastic and you crushed the world, but they also weren't terrible and everything felt wrong. You came in to training, did the work you needed to, moved your body, and went home feel.... well ok. You may not have felt the most motivated that day but still wanted to com train because you know you should, and it was just another training day.

I am a big believer that these medium days are the magic that moves us towards our goals and what we want. I would bet that in all your training days you have had more medium days versus great/terrible days, you just tend to remember the other days more! Everyone talks about needing more motivation to reach their goals when in reality its consistency that will help accomplish them. Consistency will also help you get motivation since you are taking steps in the right direction.

The medium days are the train tracks to your goals, with bad days being little hills that may slow you down a bit and fantastic days being a downhill making you go faster! Either way the consistently going in to those medium days are so important and if it is every a day where you just feel ehh... that's ok! The important thing is you made it, you're moving, and your body is so happy for those medium days! 

Keep Making It Happen!

-Coach Brian

Mind Muscle Connection

I’m sure you have heard your coaches say, “squeeze those glutes” or “pinch your back” during training. This is to help you focus on the muscles that we want you to contract during a specific workout. The more we can focus mentally on the action we are performing and which muscles groups we are using, the more effective our workouts can be. This can be referred to as mind-muscle connection, or MMC for short.

Research shows that consciously focusing on the target muscle as it works through a full range of motion can help recruit a greater percentage of muscle fibers to “fire up”. Just by doing this alone you can get and feel a better contraction of your muscles. Which in turn can greatly enhance your muscle development during your training. This is why it’s important to try and not let yourself just “go through the motions” of an exercise. Otherwise, we can lose out on maximizing the potential for muscle growth.

 To improve your mind-muscle connection, really try to feel your muscles contract every single rep. For example, when doing band hammer curls. As you work through the concentric contraction of the workout, (lifting the band up towards your shoulders), really concentrate on your biceps pulling the band up. Once you get to the isometric contraction, (when your at the top of your motion and you’re holding the band up by the shoulders), really squeeze and flex your biceps and hold that tension for a quick second. Then control the band as you lower it down towards your legs.

You will notice a distinct difference when performing your reps this way. The same can be said for every exercise you perform while working out this way. Feel free to try it out the next time you come in to train. The mind is a powerful thing.

-Coach Dylan 

Win $200 Amazon Gift Card Just in Time for Holidays

Is there anyone out there who does NOT shop on Amazon? i am convinced they are well on their way to taking over the world and I support that. We have been rocking through referral challenges for several months and it ain't gonna stop anytime soon, because you guys are crushing it. 

We have given away:

  • Paddle Board
  • $200 gift card to Eastern Mountain Sports
  • Next week we are giving away a free night to Adventure Suites, Great Wolf Lodge or Red Jacket Inn

If you refer to us in October or November then you will be entered into a drawing to win a $200 gift card to Amazon. 

If you have someone you have been trying to get in the door then come chat with one of us about our give away gift cards! We have them right here at the gym and you can gift them (at no cost to you) to your friends and family. 

Let the games begin,

Coach Meagan