We will be CLOSED for 5 am and 6:10 am classes. We will open for 7:20, 8:30 and 11. We will also have a full training schedule in the afternoon at 4:15, 5:30 and 6:45. We welcome you to attend the class that works best for your safety and your schedule tomorrow.

Be safe out there!

Single Leg Deadlifts are a Love/Hate right?!

Single leg deadlifts are such a love but mostly hate relationship, am I right?

Single length strength is arguably one of the most important things to train for an aging human (which is all of us, you’re welcome!)

Single leg training comes in many forms:

  • Single leg deadlift variations
  • Split squats
  • Lateral squats/lunges

More explosive options include:

  • Ladders
  • Skaters
  • Hurdles

But the big question…what’s the point? Why is it so important to include single leg training?

The benefits include performance and imbalance improvement, but in solely going to speak from a longevity standpoint.

I’ll use the nursing home example…what are some of the reasons adults end up in the nursing home or assisted care facilities?

  • Falls are the number one reason
  • Deconditioned
  • Inability to perform basic day to day needs

If you want to be able to catch yourself before you fall OR recover faster from a fall then you need to train unilateral movement, both strength AND explosive/agility exercises.

Strong muscles, strong bones and healthy joints WIN aging, it’s science and it’s proven over and over again.

Every time you climb the stairs…that’s an example of single leg movement
Getting in and out of the car? Single leg movement.
Getting in and out of the shower? Single leg movement.

If you don’t train to maintain those abilities then it is true that you lose it much faster.
Don’t take advantage of your youth. There’s always room for you here!

February Pop Up Workout

Our pop up workouts have been a HUGE hit and TONS of fun! We are excited to do it again for the second time this year!

 Here are the details and rules:

  • This will require signing up to reserve a spot.
  • The cost to attend will be $10. If you plan to pay on the day of then it will be $15.
  • We will require a minimum of 10 people to be signed up 24 hours BEFORE the scheduled class in order to run it. If we do not meet the threshold then you will be refunded.
  • We will notify you by text and email 24 hours before to let you know if it is cancelled. If you hear nothing, then it is ON!
  • This is open to the Get Fit NH clients as well as the general public. We encourage clients to bring a friend along. 
  • This cannot count as a make up class for Get Fit NH clients. The cost is $10.
  • No shows will not be refunded or credited for future pop ups.
  • Each time you attend a pop up class we will ask you to put the name of a non-profit organization on a paper and stick it in a jar.
  • At the end of the year, we will be drawing a non profit organization from the jar and donate 20% of our profits from the pop up workouts! 

Join us for a pop up workout!

  • Saturday, February 17th 8-9 am
  • 41 Terrill Park Drive, Concord, NH 03301

Quitting- the good, the bad, the ugly and the reality

Its a simple defintion.

Quitting: to give up.

When we talk about quitting, we mean quitting the habits that don’t align with your long term health, not quitting the habits that excuses can overcome.

Things we can quit for the better:

  • Alcohol
  • Late night snacking
  • Self negative talk
  • Spending money aimlessly

Things that we quit that can lead to self guilt:

  • A training program
  • Meal prepping
  • Going for walks
  • Self care - meditation, journaling, reading, etc.

When we think about the times we feel our best self mentally and physically, it tends to align with the same time we put ourselves first. We stay committed, we say “no” to the things that don’t align with our goals, we are disciplined, we quit things that slow down progress or deter motivation. 

  1. When we reflect, we ask ourselves “why did I stop?”
  2. Things we say “I wish I was where I was before” “I wish I got back into things earlier than now.”
  3. Top “reasons” we stop: time, money, injury.

Notice reasons is in quotations. Why? Because these are reasons we typically use for excuses. Time & money, both things we can control most times, we just have to be intentional about it. We spend time watching tv or scrolling through social media. We spend money on going out to dinner or shopping. So why not make time or invest in your health? 

Injury is another reason many use to quit. Most people are afraid of injuring themselves further, fear of not being able to do anything, fear of feeling “weak” for having to take it easy. Well, let us tell you that every exercise can be modified to work around an injury. It is super important to continue to move while healing from any injury to help maintain current strength and make for a better recovery.

Don’t continue to make excuses for yourself, instead make time for your health now to be able to enjoy your life as you age! You deserve to be healthy and to feel good, but the choice will always be yours.

You can do this.
Now go be the best version of you. 

Encourage Others to be Better

You may have seen or heard us say a few times “the power of group training.” Well, we really mean that. Look at this video.

We are in the starting phases of a sled push challenge. Clients have to work their way up to a higher weight to “Level Up.” This video shows Ernie and Jon both pushing a sled with an added 270 lbs for Level 3. Click the button below to see how the videos show Jon clapping not only for Ernie, but for everyone participating and the other video of Ernie walking alongside Jon encouraging him to keep going to finish!

It’s easy to find ways to not push ourselves, but when we have support from a community of friends that all have health as their main goal, it’s much easier to push ourselves.

We are so thankful for each client that comes in and not only chooses to better themselves, but choose to help others find the better within themselves too.

CLOSED Tuesday 1/16 for all PM classes

Hey all,

It is pretty apparent that the weather is going to be an issue for the evening commute. We will be open for 11 (because we are here) but we are going to close for 4:15, 5:30 and 6:45 this evening.

If you are unable to make it in here is some relevant homework you can do at home (and still earn a check if you are doing the challenge!)

Always do a warm up!! 

12 reps of a single arm row if you have a band or a dumbbell otherwise try 12 reps of a speed row from the push up position

12 reps of a loaded squat (get creative if you do not have equipment)

12 reps of a tricep extension- use a band if you have one otherwise get creative- like a milk jug 

12 reps of a single leg deadlift (loaded as able)

40 seconds of a front plank variation

Repeat this 4 times

Reminder, we do have a pop up workout this Saturday at 8! If you want to jump in on that then get signed up here 

“The Squat is the most important exercise”

If you missed the article Laura shared on our Facebook page this week then are going to want to read this! 

The article was an AARP article written all about everyone's favorite exercise, the squat. Arguably, one of the most important exercises we continue to do as we mature. Here is the article!

“The squat is the most important exercise for seniors,” says Eric Daw, a personal trainer dedicated to older adults and founder of Omni-Fitt in Toronto, Canada. “When you have to go to the washroom, that’s a squat. When you get in the car, that’s a squat. Every time you sit down or stand up, that’s a squat. If you don’t do them well, it affects the way you live.”  

Squats strengthen all of the muscle groups in your legs, including your calves, quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes, as well as muscles in your lower back and core. Those muscles provide the foundation for most activities of daily living.

Squats are the antidote to soft couch-cushion syndrome — those challenging moments when we struggle to get up from that deep, old sofa. They can also help protect your joints, improve your balance and prevent falls, says Denise Austin, for 40 years one of America’s best-known fitness experts and authors. “Squats are one of the best overall exercises,” she says. “They strengthen the major muscles of the lower body we need to keep strong and also protect two joints we need help with on a regular basis — our knees and our hips.” 

Some research even shows a link between strong leg muscles and longevity. In one study, people ages 70 to 79 with stronger quadriceps (the muscles along the front of the thigh) had a lower chance of dying over six years compared with those who had weaker quadriceps."

Read the article by clicking the button below! If you want to give yourself the best shot of aging with grace then make sure you join us for a two week free trial!

2 Ways You’re Sabotaging Results

Raise your hand if you have ever been a victim of self sabotage? 

Oh good. Join the club

Proud of it? No, of course not. But I have yet to meet a single person who sets a BIG goal for themselves and never has just a little bit of self doubt that sometimes leads to destruction. So let’s go over two ways you may be sabotaging your progress.

1. Self doubt. Yea, I already said that and I am saying it again. Our mindset might be the strongest muscle we house. The stories and beliefs that we feed our mind dictate our results. The second you start telling yourself you are “too busy, too tired, too broke, too broken, too overwhelmed, too XYZ” to work toward your big goal your behaviors change. Your discipline changes. Your motivation changes. When you stop believing in yourself, your purpose and the potential outcome, you take steps back to your comfy, cozy and warm safe place. Results don’t live in your comfy, cozy and warm safe place. You know that. 

2. Fear. Something inside of that self doubt starts to make us think about what life could be like if we do reach our goal. Who will we have to become? How will we act? What will be different about life? Are you sure that is who you want to be? Are you sure that is how you want to act? What if people don’t like that? What if you don’t keep it up? What will people say and think? What if you give it your all and you fail? Focusing on the what if scenario is a great way to sabotage your potential

So cool, Meagan, thanks for telling me what my problem is. How do I change that?

 My famous answer, it depends.

How serious are you about your desired result?
Does it keep you up at night?
Does it weigh on you day in and day out?

 WHY is it important to you? Not many people are willing to do the work to discover this and it matters! How is your current situation impacting your life, your body, the people around you? What would be different about life if you worked toward improving your current situation? Figure this out and make it emotional and important enough to dig in.

So here is my best advise:

 1. Keep your desired result crystal clear and keep it in front of you.

  1. Example: I am going to wear the size 6 dress to my son's wedding this summer so that I can feel confident and proud in the pictures that will be an eternal memory of a special day. 
  2. Example: I am going to lose 3 pounds per month this year so that I can feel better in my clothes and be healthier for my upcoming retirement.
  3. Example: I am going to commit to a strength training program so that I don’t have to put my kids through the emotional stress of caring for a weak and deconditioned parent.

2. Set clear and actionable steps to work toward your desired result

  1. Keep it simple and clear. Success and sustainability matter to keep going.
  2. Example: I will walk 5 miles per week 
  3. Example: I will prioritize protein at each meal
  4. Example: I will measure and portion out meals
  5. Example: I will make it to the gym 4 days a week
  6. AVOID: I will eat less sugar, I will exercise more. Those are not clear and if you want to be accountable you have to get crystal clear.

3. Reflect weekly. Figure out what is going well, what is not going well? How do you need to prepare each day or week to set yourself up for success

4. Finally, understand that your desired result will take time, commitment and patience. This is the hardest part. We have to accept that we will have great days and off days. Giving up after your off day(s) demolishes success. 

You got this.

If you need accountability, make sure you are taking advantage of our monthly milestone club where we do weigh-ins and set specific goals each month. 

 If you’re not training with us yet then be sure to check out our two week free trial by clicking the button below!

3 Ways to Tone

We are several months away from bathing suit season, BUT if you start focusing now then you
won’t have a panic situation in May! There is no training that can guarantee fat loss in a specific
area or guarantee to tone a specific area. Unfortunately, no matter how many knee grab abs,
planks, or hollow body holds will lead to a shredded 6 pack.

1. Strength Training: This is the foundation of muscle toning. That means using
weights or resistance to challenge your muscles.

2. Consistency: Regular exercise is crucial. Aim for at least 2 strength training
sessions per week, focusing on different muscle groups. At Get Fit NH we focus
on full body strength every Tuesday and Thursday.

3. Progressive Overload: Gradually increase the weight, frequency, or number of
repetitions in your strength training routine. This challenges your muscles and
helps them grow stronger. At Get Fit NH we adjust the timing or reps to make this
happen without our clients even thinking about it.

4. Cardiovascular Exercise: While strength training is key for muscle tone, cardio is
important for overall fitness and helps to reduce body fat, making your muscles
more visible. Activities like running, swimming, cycling, or brisk walking are
effective. We recommend this in addition to a solid strength training program.
We encourage our clients to move more!

5. Healthy Diet: Nutrition plays a critical role in muscle toning. Focus on protein
(essential for muscle repair and growth), healthy fats, and complex
carbohydrates. Stay hydrated and avoid excessive processed foods and sugars.

6. Rest and Recovery: Muscles need time to repair and grow after a workout. Ensure
you have rest days in your exercise schedule and get adequate sleep. At Get Fit
NH we program in rest and recovery. These are scheduled no lift days not to be
confused with no movement!

7. Proper Form and Technique: Using the correct form during exercises is important
to prevent injuries and ensure you are effectively working the muscles. Our
coaching team at Get Fit NH are well known for this.

8. Variety in Workouts: Changing your workout routine every 4-6 weeks can prevent
plateaus and keep your workouts interesting. Random workouts lead to random
results. Following a program matters.

9. Manage Expectations: Muscle toning is a gradual process and results will vary
depending on your starting point, body type, and genetics.

If you need help with this then be sure to check out our two week free trial!

**PS if you need some help with toning your abdomen then be sure to check out our
electromagnetic muscle stimulator!

Learn more about that service by clicking the link below! (Scroll all the way down on that page!)