Out of sight, out of mind

Snacking is something you may be struggling with.  Now that you are constantly in the same place (most likely your home) without the option to really go out, snacking could be something you are having trouble with.  

Or just in general eating things you might not normally eat because it's not an option all day! Maybe it's snacks you have for your kids, or even deserts that maybe you’d have every once in a while but since it's there...and you are also…you find yourself indulging more often.  Here are some simple ways to set yourself up to stay away from it.

  • Don't buy it 

  • Have more supportive food options prepared.  It's easier to snack if there isn't a more supportive option available.

  • If you are going to have some, plan it.

  • Put it away, in a cupboard, a closet, etc.  If its easily accessible (candy in a candy dish) you are way more likely to grab it multiple times a day.

  • Put it up or down a set of stairs. 

  • Put it in a closet or something similar across the house. 

  • Make it a pain to get to.

  • Drink a glass of water before eating.

These are just a couple of any number of ways you can set yourself up for success.  The idea is to make it as difficult as possible to get to the option. 

Coach Adam

Getting into a routine

I’m sure if you are like me right now, you are probably a little out of your whack with your day to day activities given our current circumstances. That’s to be expected as most of us have been turned upside down and are trying to keep our head on straight. Right now it is very easy to find ourselves loafing around the house during this quarantine. It’s easy to stay up late and sleep in if we are not required to do so otherwise. I know because I have done it as well. But we can’t let it become repetition and get sucked into bad habits and all the bad decisions that come with it. 

So I think the best thing we can do right now to combat this is by trying to get into a good solid routine. I say this not just to you but me as well, as I also need to be accountable and more productive with the extra time given to me. For starters getting on a consistent sleep schedule can do wonders. Try and give yourself a bedtime at night to keep you from staying up. And give yourself an alarm to wake you up at a decent time. This will also help you get a good night’s rest. 

Another thing that can help is to write down some goals and tasks for yourself to complete throughout the day. For example, I can write down to study and read my book for an hour to help with my continuing education. By doing this I am now holding myself accountable and giving me a clear attainable goal. And by completing this and checking it off, I am filled with accomplishment knowing that I was productive and got it done. Just a small act like this can help get that ball rolling and yourself motivated to accomplish more throughout your day. 

Try and complete your workouts during the same time every day. So if you are a morning person and are used to working out early, then get it done early. Same if you are used to doing it later in the day. The more consistent you are with your workouts, the easier it will be to get into routine. These are all little things that can help make a big difference in trying to get ourselves in a good routine every day and stay positive and productive during this difficult time. Hope this helps you!

Coach Dylan

Stay positive, spread positive

Greetings everyone, I hope all of you are doing well. I just want to take this time to continue a conversation that Adam started with his Facebook video he posted on March 21. If you didn’t see it, I highly recommend you go check it out as he makes some very good points in his discussion. The  video is about positivity and opportunity. So I would also like to talk about the subject in this blog. 

Obviously, I know that these are challenging times that we all are facing and going through. It is easy to get caught up in the effects of the virus and how it is impacting everyone's lives. But just like Adam was talking about, we can either focus on the negatives, or we can try to focus more on the positives. Take this unfortunate circumstance and turn it into a chance to better ourselves. 

For example, I will be taking this extra time to continue my education and learn more about nutrition and how it impacts the body. Some of you may do the same and learn more about something you may be interested in. Maybe it's just reading a book or working on a particular hobby of yours like art or music. Some of you have kids at home continuing their education online. I know it can be challenging to get them to focus and do school in a home atmosphere, as I have two younger siblings doing the same thing. But utilize this opportunity to spend more time helping them learn. And if you're like me, probably teaching yourself also along the way. 

There are also positives to not being able to go to the gym. Don’t get me wrong, there’s no substitute for amazing coaches! You could even drag other family members to join in on the fun with you! There are positives to every negative. We just have to find it. We have to remain optimistic when we are filled with doubt and fear. It’s times like this that we must come together to support one another, however we can. For I believe we will become stronger after facing this adversity. Remember, you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain. 

Coach Dylan

Create Control

We are entering a new way of life at the moment, a way that none of us have ever had to adjust to before.  Even if you were alive in 1918 the world has changed so much that it doesn't even matter if you had been there.  In 1918 if this happened everyone would be home and that’d be it. We wouldn’t all be working from home, schooling from home, teaching from home, etc.  

With all of these changes it's easy to fall into chaos.  It's easy to feel like life is happening to you and you have no control.  If you resign to that fact then it's just going to continue until you are able to go back into a pattern you recognize.  The only way to gain control is to take it, anxiety and depression tends to arise from a feeling of a lack of control. The only way to combat it is take back control.  

Start with the small steps you can control.  If you're not sure what they are? Then make a list of things you normally have a hang of that feel like they are out of control.  For example let's use food, it's going to be harder than ever to cook every day. Taking control of your food may be cooking for a few days out if you feel like you’ve fallen off with that some.  

These things compound, when you regain control of one thing, it creates time to take control of a second, then a third, etc.  It doesn't have to be huge changes, maybe it's as simple as controlling what time you wake up in the morning. Start there and move onto the next small thing.  I know you can do it!

Coach Adam

Words are powerful

It may not seem this simple, but what we tell ourselves and what we tell others has a GIANT impact on what we do, say, or act on.  Think I’m wrong? Take a look at how things are going right now, how you FEEL they are going? If you answered any form of “crazy, it's out of whack, it’s upside down” then you may be right.  You need to follow that up with one more question “do I really have zero control?”.  

Guaranteed, if you’re honest with yourself, the answer is NO, you don't have ZERO CONTROL!  Look, I self soothe with food, I always have and I doubt it's going to change any time soon.  However what you believe becomes a huge part of how you cope. If you believe you have zero control, if you believe that an outside force is making you act in a way that you can't control, bet money you will act that way.  

When it comes down to it there's nothing wrong with having food that you enjoy, it's your life, enjoy it, if you want to have a cookie have a cookie.  If you want a bag of chips for 3 meals a day then have a bag of chips for 3 meals a day. The problem is the belief that you have no control over those decisions.  I am hearing it more than ever, “This whole thing is throwing me for a loop, I hope this ends soon so I can get my [nutrition], [training], etc, back on track”. You’re all world class professionals with families and/or careers.  The amount of work, control, and ability it takes to do any one of those things takes a heck of a lot more self motivation and control than putting down a stinking cookie. If you WANT a cookie, have a cookie, but don't allow yourself to believe the choice of whether or not you eat it, or whether or not you exercise in some form, is up to anyone BUT YOU!  This lockdown is not making it easier, but if you tell yourself that COVID-19 is the reason you just had your 4th bowl of sugary breakfast cereal, or COVID-19 is the reason you couldn’t walk out your front door for 15 minutes today, it's just not the case.  

The realization that you have complete control over your own actions is the first step to actionably gaining control.  Don't tell yourself you can't, or others you can't, because if you do...you’ll be right. 

Coach Adam

Adjusting to a new and temporary normal

It's not easy, I totally get that, and I am not pretending to understand what all the parents are feeling like.  The parents who have not only had to become teachers, but also learn to work in a totally new environment...home.  I learned just with myself that without figuring out some ways to set myself up, things quickly devolved into chaos.  That's just me, those changes are exponentially needed when you add in the other pieces I mentioned above. Here are some easy ways to help structure to create a temporary new normal that will help you remain not only productive, but also help you mentally. 

  • Create a dedicated work space
    • Here's an easy way to figure out what the best room is.  Write down the rooms with the space/hookups that you can work with, then pick the room on the list with the least foot traffic and distractions. 
  • Set yourself a schedule.
    • Up at the same time.
    • Train at the same time.
    • Start work at the same time to the best of your ability.
    • End work at the same time to the best of your ability.
    • Set boundaries with others.
      • If you wouldn’t answer an email from a parent/client at 8pm under normal circumstances, and it doesn't affect something happening immediately the next day...DON'T ANSWER IT!
  • Learn to use the snooze function on your email
    • Most email services have a snooze function, you can select the emails and they will disappear from your inbox until a date and time you decide on.
  • Utilize the “do not disturb” function on your phone.
    • Set a time, turn it on, get off your phone.

You have to find ways to organize your time and set boundaries.  Everyone is in chaos, everyone is trying to adjust, the more we are able to organize our time and work, the more we are able to organize our minds. 

Coach Adam