Post Workout Nutrition

What should be consumed post-workout? 

1. Protein – When we are in the gym we are breaking down muscle. It is vital to intake  protein within 45 minutes – 1 hour post-workout. Protein is the building blocks of  muscle growth and recovery. 

2. Carbs – Carbs are your number one source of energy and is what helps you push  through workouts. At the end of a good workout, you typically feel exhausted or  tired; this is because you have depleted most of your stored glycogen. Ingesting a  carb source post-workout will help restore your glycogen and in turn give you  lasting energy for the remainder of your day.   

What are some good protein and carb sources to take post-workout? 

It is recommended to take in a fast digesting carb and protein source. The quicker our  body is able to digest the needed fuel, the better the recovery. Ideally a post workout  shake on your way home from the gym would be most beneficial. Some other ideas are as  follows: 


Banana/apple/any fruit of choice Toast 


Rice cakes 


Whey protein shake Cottage cheese 



Eggs/egg whites

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