Quitting- the good, the bad, the ugly and the reality

Its a simple defintion.

Quitting: to give up.

When we talk about quitting, we mean quitting the habits that don’t align with your long term health, not quitting the habits that excuses can overcome.

Things we can quit for the better:

  • Alcohol
  • Late night snacking
  • Self negative talk
  • Spending money aimlessly

Things that we quit that can lead to self guilt:

  • A training program
  • Meal prepping
  • Going for walks
  • Self care - meditation, journaling, reading, etc.

When we think about the times we feel our best self mentally and physically, it tends to align with the same time we put ourselves first. We stay committed, we say “no” to the things that don’t align with our goals, we are disciplined, we quit things that slow down progress or deter motivation. 

  1. When we reflect, we ask ourselves “why did I stop?”
  2. Things we say “I wish I was where I was before” “I wish I got back into things earlier than now.”
  3. Top “reasons” we stop: time, money, injury.

Notice reasons is in quotations. Why? Because these are reasons we typically use for excuses. Time & money, both things we can control most times, we just have to be intentional about it. We spend time watching tv or scrolling through social media. We spend money on going out to dinner or shopping. So why not make time or invest in your health? 

Injury is another reason many use to quit. Most people are afraid of injuring themselves further, fear of not being able to do anything, fear of feeling “weak” for having to take it easy. Well, let us tell you that every exercise can be modified to work around an injury. It is super important to continue to move while healing from any injury to help maintain current strength and make for a better recovery.

Don’t continue to make excuses for yourself, instead make time for your health now to be able to enjoy your life as you age! You deserve to be healthy and to feel good, but the choice will always be yours.

You can do this.
Now go be the best version of you. 

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