Encourage Others to be Better

You may have seen or heard us say a few times “the power of group training.” Well, we really mean that. Look at this video.

We are in the starting phases of a sled push challenge. Clients have to work their way up to a higher weight to “Level Up.” This video shows Ernie and Jon both pushing a sled with an added 270 lbs for Level 3. Click the button below to see how the videos show Jon clapping not only for Ernie, but for everyone participating and the other video of Ernie walking alongside Jon encouraging him to keep going to finish!

It’s easy to find ways to not push ourselves, but when we have support from a community of friends that all have health as their main goal, it’s much easier to push ourselves.

We are so thankful for each client that comes in and not only chooses to better themselves, but choose to help others find the better within themselves too.

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