Shout Out to the Team

I want to take a few minutes to praise the incredible team we house here at Get Fit NH. There is SO much that happens off of the coaching floor that goes into making the doors stay open and our reputation thriving. I absolutely DO NOT take for granted the hard work these people put in to make Get Fit NH what it is. 

The accountability, the follow up, the success sessions, the encouragement, the letters, the blogs, the videos, the training program, the deep cleaning and organization, the phone calls, the paperwork, the systems, the contracts, the inventory ordering, the stocking, the creativity, the early mornings, the late nights...that is a taste of what happens off of the training floor and the reason why we are so lucky to have the incredible team that we do. They pour their heart and soul into this and I am so forever grateful to have them on this team.

Thank you Adam, Erin, Dylan, Deb and Sarah!

We also want to wish Brian well on his new adventure where he will be closer to his girlfriend in Boston! 

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