Tracking Calories

You have heard time and time again, if you want to lose weight you have to track calories. And as boring as it sounds, it’s true! Granted it is probably not as fun or enticing as one of those “slim belts” or “ab devices” that people try to sell you on, but hey it least counting calories actually works! So how does one go about tracking calories in the first place? There are complex math equations that we can use to give us an estimate of how many calories we burn given many different variables. There are now a plethora of fitness trackers that can help you as well! 

Most of you already have a MyZone belt when you come in to train. Which will show you your heart rate, calories burned, and MEPS for your workout. For anyone who would like one, just ask us next time you are at the gym. You can even wear it on the go or doing other fitness related activities! Personally I rock a fitbit, which helps me track my steps, calories, heart rate, and even sleep quality. Regardless of what you use, having a fitness tracker to give you a better idea of your activity level and calories burned on a daily basis, can help you in your fat-loss endeavors. Now let’s burn some calories!

Coach Dylan

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