3 Things Required for Results that No One is Talking About

Have you ever set out to reach a lofty health and fitness goal and didn't hit the goal?

Welcome to the club!

We have all done that. We start out super excited and go totally all in and then life happens and we talk ourselves out of what was once really important and exciting to us. It can be a vicious cycle and truly daunting. 

I am going to give you the secrets to results right now. The three things no one is talking about it. It has nothing to do with calories in, calories out. It has nothing to do with strength training or cardio and while we will touch a bit on mindset, it's really not just that. 

It's about YOU. Characteristics and traits you must look into to get the results you keep telling yourself you want.

So here go:

  1. Sacrifice. Results require sacrifice. Your life cannot go on hold so you can get results. You have to learn how to set boundaries for yourself in order to get results and in order to set boundaries you have to make sacrifices. Here are some examples...
    • Work. You might need to find a way or ask your boss about a small schedule change or trade off. Ask if you can go in later or come in early and leave early. Ask about an extended lunch with the trade off of staying late or coming in earlier. 
    • Kids. You might need to arrange them care or trade off with a spouse or family member to sneak 45-60 minutes of movement. That means you might need to have an uncomfortable conversation and ask for help. None of us are good at that.
    • Sleep. You might need to change up your sleep routine and get to bed earlier (shut screens off!!!) and get up a little earlier to get organized and get moving!
    • Money. You might need to sacrifice your Friday and Saturday night dinners out or weekly takeout to afford a gym membership or healthy foods.
  2. Allow yourself to be uncomfortable throughout the change. Do you think the 100+ people who show up to the gym between 5 am and 9 am in the morning start that habit by diving out of bed and raw rawing into the gym? Um, no! Waking up before the sun sucks, especially in the winter. But they maintained the habit and continued coming even when it was way comfier in their bed. And how about the folks who are coming after work? They just worked a long day, they want to get home to their spouse, kids, pets, etc. They carry guilt and that is uncomfortable sometimes. But you know what is more uncomfortable? Not being able to keep up with your loved ones because you didn't stay with it. 
  3. Consistency and Discipline. These two go hand in hand. When we are consistent in our habits like exercising or meal prepping or sleep...whatever the goal is! When you are consistent you build a habit and when you build strong habits they are easier to maintain and when you build habits that are easy to maintain you become more disciplined with your routine. When you are most disciplined in your routine you get RESULTS. 

Give your new routine a chance. Stay with it for 3 months CONSISTENTLY before deciding that this just can't be for you. Going all in does not mean working out 5 days per week and cutting calories to the extreme. It means finding a routine that suits you, your life style and your goals. If you need help taking a deep dive into your life, I am happy to help. Your health is not something to play with, because if you don't make time and figure it out now then eventually you will be forced to find the time and take care of your health and it won't be as fun!

Results are a motivator. People who get results don't rely on motivation. They are motivated by the results and keeping the results. If you want to get and keep results take a look at those three areas and see where you need to be real with yourself. 

And before you say, "she doesn't get it" or "easy for her, she works in a gym" or "she is her own boss so she can do what she wants"

Just know that those thoughts are misconceptions, BIG TIME. I have to make daily sacrifices to stay on track. I am often very uncomfortable through and have to make continuous adjustments. I am consistent and therefore disciplined in my routine and highly motivated to keep going because of the results I have earned. 

And the most important part?

It's not about me. It is the recipe for success for the THOUSANDS of people I have coached over the last 11 years! 

You can do it, but you have to decide to. 

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