Payson Center for Cancer Care Charity Training

We are so excited to partner with the Payson Center for Cancer Care and put on an insane event to raise money for one of the most respected organizations in NH. I guarantee every single one of you knows someone who has spent time in their care.

This event has a bit of a twist!

The cost of this event is $10 and 100% of your donations will go straight to the Payson Center. Get Fit NH is not participating in the Rock N Race this year so INSTEAD, we are going to donate $500 to the most represented team in attendance on Saturday, April 15th!

The Rock n Race is a HUGE community event put together by the Payson Center to raise money.

We will also have a surprise donation opportunity the day of the event for everyone in attendance. We want to FILL the gym with excitement!

Let us know you're coming by responding this event and commenting the name of your team!

Tell Your Friends!