Test Your Health in 10 Seconds

New York Times put out a fantastic article last year about balance and how it relates to longevity and health.

When I shared it last year it was very popular and eye opening for many. Our clients were thrilled to pass it with flying colors and it certainly got them thinking about their loved ones a bit more as they weren't sure if their friends and family could pass it.

See, when your fit and healthy, you often take for granted or don't think twice about what you can still do with ease. It's when your health gets away from you where many start to fear things like going on vacations with spontaneous excursions or even getting up and down off of the floor. Don't pair exercise with just fat loss. That is truly a happy side effect of what strength training does for you.

You can read the article here or you can view the highlights here in this quick video I did last year in regards to the article....caution: I was a bit "passionate" and excited about the subject 🙂 

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